We see the world not as it is, 

but as we are

Welcome to my Brain.

I dumped my static website. Quickly outdated. Forgotten stuff. Too much work. 

I now offer a view of what's inside my head - an entanglement of thoughts that's constantly changing. In real-time. 

Click here or anywhere on the icon below to enter my brain to see what's cooking. 


With the arrival of new information and experiences, we know from neuroplasticity that the brain rewires itself using conceptual blending.  Might as well have a website that replicates what it's doing, forming new connections between old and new thoughts. 


My Brain is centred on seeing the real world using a complexity-based approach with thought linkages to natural sciences, cognition, narrative/storytelling, and the human aspects of complex adaptive systems.


TheBrain software manages my ever-changing set of thoughts.  I'm transferring my knowledge perceptions from tacit to explicit. A portion of My Brain is public so you can freely view on any computer, laptop, mobile device.